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It’s October… here in Los Angeles, the warm weather persists… but night comes sooner, and while leaves aren’t necessarily turning into drifting piles of gold and brown, there are a lot of really aggressive Halloween decorations going up around the neighborhood D: Oh, the horror!

All the more reason to stay home with all the lights off, keep all the treats for yourself, and scare yourself silly with a spooky book! 

Better yet, one of our favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, just kicked off this year’s All Hallows Read, where you give someone a scary book for Halloween. Make sure you watch the video 🙂 There are lots of ways to celebrate!

Here’s what YABC recommends:


Jane: I don’t really read many spooky stories, but here’s a recent one that fits the Halloween theme. This Dark Endeavor tells the story of a teenage Victor Frankenstein who must complete three dangerous and seemingly impossible quests to procure the Elixir of Life, the only potion that may save his twin brother from a life threatening illness. With his friends Elizabeth and Henry, Victor ventures into dark places and performs unspeakable ancient alchemy in pursuit of the Elixir. Unpredictable, adventurous, thrilling, this re-imagined Gothic classic features strong and flawed characters, a well-paced storyline, and a definite undertone of creepy. 

Roxy: The short stories in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark are some of the few that have stuck with me for years and years. They’re so detailed in their creepiness that there’s no way you finish the book without some seriously scary images embedded in your mind. It also doesn’t help that the illustrations are horrifying as well.


David: It was probably a Christopher Pike book.

Alethea: What was it called, and why was it the spookiest book ever?

David: I don’t remember the title. They’re mostly all the same 😉

Alethea: :/


Alethea: I’m still hard-pressed to find a YA book that creeps me out as much as Katie Alender’s Bad Girls Don’t Die series. The first book gave me chills. I mean–weird old houses, freaky little sisters, DOLLS? She had me at dolls.  

I think it’s hilarious that the author says she’s a big scaredy cat, but ended up writing a horror novel that kept her agent awake at night. I’m a scaredy cat too, which is why I have not yet, in fact, finished reading the sequel, From Bad to Cursed. I keep picking it up at night, and then hiding it under the bed every few chapters, thinking I’ll pick it up again when there’s daylight (though I never have time to read, then)… I’d have been done sooner, but it’s a bit hard to read with your hands over your eyes half the time. :c

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