Harry Potter Party

In celebration of our fourth anniversary, the members of YABC hosted a full geeked-out Wizarding Extravaganza!  On January 14, 2012, eleven members and 53 guests apparated out to beautiful Pasadena, CA, home of the Rose Parade, Vromans Bookstore, and several members of the YABC.  Welcome: witches, wizards, squibs, ghosts and muggles to YABC’s Hogwarts:
Our guests received personalized letters and a ticket to Platform 9 3/4 via Post Owl.   blog1.1 Guests had the option of arriving early to tour the streets of Pasadena with the YABC Marauder’s Map. They could earn extra points for their house if they take pictures of any of the locations listed on the map.
Hand drawn map by Alfonso Huerta.
Upon arrival, guests were sorted into houses, which were determined based on a sorting quiz sent in the first eOwl (before the Post Owl). Sorting ceremony was conducted by Dumbledore with the assistance of house Prefects. Badges with the respective houses were given to students. After they received their badges, they were able to run right through the brick walls of Platform 9 3/4… seriously!
Standing in front of the Platform entrance is Stephanie Ellwood, who has just been sorted into Gryffindor. Dumbledore (Kevin Waterman) is reading names off a scroll with the assistance of Slytherin Prefect Leslie Fields. Platform sign by Alethea Allarey; brick walls by Kate Grieco; brick curtains by Alethea. Photo by Katie Ferguson
For dinner:  roast chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, Hawaiian rolls, and a very beautiful fruit set up by Alethea; unfortunately, no one got a picture of it.
For dessert: cauldron cakes, ice mice, rice krispy cones, chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and lots and lots of candy!
Botts     ya2
The badges, scavenger hunt items, and candy boxes were the joint effort of all of YABC; at least 70 of each were made.  Most of the chocolate frog boxes were made by Leslie and about half of the Bertie Botts boxes were made by Shazia  All handmade decorations were made by a member of YABC.  See the Bertie Botts display process by Jane.  See the chocolate frogs process; Alethea made most of the frogs.
Activities for the night included wand making, Potions Class, trivia, and a scavenger hunt.
ya22     kf11
Two months of planning, about $1400 spent, and hundreds of hours of painting, stitching, cutting, gluing, baking, and cleaning.

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